Course Reviews/ Strategy Tests


Staring at a set of indicators, like a lion at a pray. That’s trading the 5-6 Top Dog Trading strategies. Check out the full review to see if the system was profitable.


Smart Forex Learning teaches 1 profitable swing trading system. It is based on trend reversals and break outs. Is the strategy profitable? Check it out in the full review.


Infinite Prosperity is about passive income generation. And so are their 2 swing trading strategies. Read more to see if the system worked.


Day Trading Forex Live teaches 1 bank trading strategy. It tries to benefit from Forex manipulation by Smart Money. But did it work? Check it out.


Irek Piekarski’s MasterClass teaches 5 strategies. It is based on Elliott waves and multi-timeframe analysis. Check out the test results in the full review.


This is another course to learn to trade with¬† ‘Smart Money’ in Forex. This system uses Volume Profiles to track the banks. Check out the full review to see if I still trade it.


The JannaFX trading system is the only system that is 100% for FREE.¬† It’s about break out trading without indicators. Check out the test to see if it made money.

Forexia (planned)


Forexia is the third bank trading course. It is for those who love conspiracy theories. Forexia uses guided meditations in their program (Planned review).